Traffic Rider Mod APK v1.99b Download for Android (Unlimited Money)

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Game Name Traffic Rider Mod APK
Latest Version v1.99b
Publisher By Soner Kara
Download Size 126 MB
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Game Style Racing
Get it on Google Play Icon
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
Price Free
Table of Contents

About Traffic Rider Mod APK

Traffic rider mod apk is a racing sports game that gamers can play on android smartphones. In modern times mobile users increasing rapidly and game developers make a huge profit on mobile games.

Almost everyone has a smartphone and they are always looking for the most exciting games, and Traffic Rider apk mod is one of those games where premium features are available for free. There are thousands of games available on the internet that users can play in offline and online game modes.

Do you want to play the best racing game on Android? Then traffic rider mod apk download for android and play game with friends. This game can play any age people in single-player game mode.

Different types of racing games are available on the internet like bike racing, car racing, truck racing, and many more but the traffic rider apk gets an advantage because of its decent features that make this game stand out from other games.

Traffic rider android is a bike racing game where players have to ride their bikes on different roads at high speeds. If you are a motorbike rider then you should try this traffic rider game because it provides you real bike racing experience.

Traffic rider mod apk is a legendary moto game that was published by Skgames Studio. You can select powerful motorbikes to run highspeed and freeways. Drive your bike around cars and vans to get points.

Traffic Rider APK: What is it?

Are you want to know about the traffic rider apk game? Traffic rider is a motorbike racing game where you select your favorite bike from among all bikes to ride on roads. When you drive a bike on a road where already moving some bikes and cars so you have to drive your bike carefully without touching any other vehicle.

The simple design of the game layout attracts gamers easily and they easily turn to play games. The game is over there when you hit the bike with other vehicles which are moving on the roads. If you complete the race within the time then you get massive rewards.

Traffic Rider Mod APK: What is it?

Traffic rider mod apk is a premium version of the traffic rider game that is available on the internet. In a mod version of the game, all premium features are unlocked like unlimited money, unlocked all bikes, changing bike color, selecting a route that is locked in the normal version of this game, and other features. Traffic rider mod apk download to play a game and get access to advanced resources of the game. Players have to chance to select their favorite bike in traffic rider latest mod apk video game.

Gameplay of Traffic Rider Mod APK Download Android Video Game

Traffic Rider Unlimited Money Android gameplay is simple but the difficulty increases when you complete each level which makes it more fun and exciting. The game includes a career mode where you have to ride your bike on highway tracks and eliminate other vehicles to earn points and complete missions.

Also, players can select snow or rainy game mode to enjoy game with real experience of the rainy or snow season in the Traffic Rider mod apk. Collect more points through drive your bike fast speed above 100kmph and overtaking other vehicles closely.

More than 20+ bikes are available which you can select before starting a game. 70+ unique missions with unique challenges are available in traffic rider latest mod apk video game.

To play a bike racing game in single-player gaming mode traffic rider apk download on android devices. This game is available in more than 18 different languages so you can download and play games any place.

In the normal version of the traffic rider apk if you complete the mission then you can buy new bikes and upgrade vehicles. But in the traffic rider latest mod apk, all bikes are already unlocked so you do not need to first complete the mission and then access other premium bikes.

Follow Gameplay Steps:

  • Open the game and click on the start button
  • You can see a bike on the screen so click on the “Touch to Start” button
  • The game Home Page open and you can upgrade vehicles in the game setting garage option
  • Then tap on Next to start the game
  • Select game mode where each mode has a different location and missions
  • After selecting game mode click on Next
  • See the mission list so select anyone to play the game
  • Now the game starts so tilt the device for left-right movement
  • Avoid smashing other vehicles otherwise game restart

Key Features of Download Traffic Rider Mod APK Latest Version Game

Traffic rider apk mod game has decent premium features that users get free of cost. If you want to know more about features then read below entire section and get knowledge of features and the how-to-use process.

Option for Motorbike Customization

Traffic rider mod apk download apkpure to get the motorbike customization option using this you can customize your bike engine, wheel, and other parts to improve your bike racing speed.

Various Camera Views

There is a number of different camera views you can see in the traffic rider game. View the player from a different perspective and angle with the camera.

Simple Control of Game

Only two game control brake and accelerator in traffic rider mobile game that is easy to handle and use. Any user can easily manage game control in this game.

Choose Favorite Vehicle

More than 25+ bikes are available in the traffic rider game and each bike has its own uniqueness and features. You can select a bike with premium features in the mod version game.

Play Game Online

If you think of yourself as a no.1 bike racer then you can play a traffic rider apk mod game on online mode where other players compete with you. Show your bike racing skill to online players and win the game easily.

Decent Sound Quality

In the traffic rider mod apk game, you get realistic bike sounds which feel like you drive a real bike on different roads. Decent sound quality makes gameplay more engaging for users.

Top Notch Graphics

Without great graphics, the gameplay is boring so download traffic rider mod apk where you get top-notch quality graphics. every object in the game is clearly visualization.

User-Friendly Interface

The traffic rider game interface is user-friendly so you are able to start a game without knowing how this game works. You can easily access all options that for customization or upgrading your bike.

Check Leaderboard

When you start a racing game with an internet connection then you check your leaderboard position where you can see all your achievements such as winning the race, completing a mission, Getting a badge, or others.

Play Game in Day and Night Mode

Traffic rider apk mod provides you an option to play game in day or night mode as you think on race in different locations. Get a realistic game experience with this traffic rider mobile game.

FPS View

Play this game with a first-person perspective so you can focus on the road while driving a bike on a mission. You can easily able to know which vehicles overtake you and based on that you can increase your bike speed to become the fastest rider.

Win Game Rewards

In the traffic rider mod apk bike racing game you can win different rewards such as money, and gems, as well as unlocked new bikes which are locked after winning races or tournaments. After completing each game level players can earn various rewards also sometimes they can multiple rewards which they can use to buy a booster for a fast racing experience.

Free Download

If you are looking for a free bike racing game then traffic rider mod apk download it on your mobile device which you can feel free to play. Amazing gameplay of the Traffic Rider game which you can enjoy and drive a bike at fast speed to earn extra rewards. Also, you have the option to select your favorite sports bike in the game starting.

40+ Missions

A player can perform their bike driving skills on 40+ missions in the traffic rider apk mod game. Mission starts with low difficulty but when you complete a few levels the difficulty level increase so you need top-class bike racing skills. After completing every mission player gets rewards that they can use to customize and upgrade their bike.


Traffic Rider mod apk game is available in 18+ multiple languages so worldwide gamers can easily play game in their preferred language.

Climate and Environment

Environment and climate look realistic when you driving a motorbike. Different climates and weather conditions boost your game entertainment and you can ride a bike in the daytime, noon, early morning, and night in the traffic rider apk mod game. Also, different locations such as Dessert, City, Snow, and others create more excitement for users.

Quick Speed

Traffic Rider mod apk game has amazing speed when you ride a bike on the racing track. The minimum speed of the bike is 101kmph in this game. Run the bike smoothly and fast.

Change Bike Color

There are various color options available so you can select any color for your bike and change it with your current bike color.

Gloves and Stickers

You can add different stickers on your bike to look amazing and also hand gloves option is available that you can select for your player character. Get this by spending money but in the mod version of the Traffic Rider game, you get everything for free.

Play with Friends

Connect the game with your Facebook or Instagram profile and play the game with your friends as well and you can see the game progress of your friends.

Increase Speed and Power

Increase brack and bike handling power with unlimited money options in the game. So you can control the bike easily at high speed.

Mod Features of Traffic Rider APK Game

No Ads

In a mod version of the traffic rider apk game, you do not get any ad content in between the game so you can enjoy a game full of excitement. Play the traffic rider mod game in different modes whose gameplay is thrilling.

Unlimited Money

The most important feature of the traffic rider apk mod game is unlimited money that you can use to unlock a new bike and customize an old bike so you can perform well in racing competitions.

Unlocked All Bikes

No need to pay and wait to unlock new bikes in the traffic rider mod apk unlocked all bikes video game. Beginning of the game you are able to access your favorite bike for a long drive.

Unlimited Keys

Use the unlimited key option to unlock new features of the traffic rider mod apk download game


This mod version was never banned because of an anti-ban feature of the traffic rider apk mod mobile game. You can play freely without facing issues.

Different Game Modes in Traffic Rider Mod APK

There are 4 different game modes in the traffic rider unlimited money mod apk whose gameplay is decent and interesting.

Career Mode

In the Traffic Rider mod apk ride your bike on highway road at high-speed to complete a level in a certain time. If your bike collision with other bikes then you can restart the game where you collide your bike during gameplay.

Time Trial Mode

Most challenging mode in the traffic rider apk is the time trial game mode where you have to select a time to reach the destination point.

Endless Mode

In endless game mode you have to ride your bike for an infinite time but if you collide your bike 3 times then your game is finished at that time. Also, you can select two-way or single-way traffic options to ride bikes on roads.

Free Mode

In free mode, there is no other bike or car on the road so you can freely drive your bike with no collision threat.

Bike Lists of Traffic Rider Mod APK Game

V900-CX ZX 750 VX95 Night
NJ 250 SR 10007 ZZF 1400
KBX 250 KF-450T Artil TP4
Y-Maks GFX 10S Chief LT
GX 1400 TOMA DCT 8910H
AGH 4F YNH S1 Shadow R
CBN 1000r SK-1200 FZh Turbo
FX U2 CX-750F CBZ 250Y

How to Download Traffic Rider Latest Mod APK on Mobile?

Traffic rider unlimited money game takes a few steps to download on mobile and if you don’t know then check out the below section.

  1. Open website
  2. Using search box search “Traffic rider mod apk” game name
  3. Open the game article and scroll them
  4. Get the download button
  5. Click on the download button and wait a few seconds
  6. Then again click on the download link to the game download process to start
  7. After following the below installation process

How to Install Traffic Rider Mod APK?

To install the traffic rider mod apk latest version game you have to follow given below instructions.

  1. Setting app open on mobile
  2. Go to Security Setting
  3. Find out the “Unknown Resources” option
  4. Click and enable it
  5. Open the game downloaded file from the file manager
  6. Give permission using the click “allow” option
  7. Click on the install button
  8. Open a game and play with friends

FAQs of Traffic Rider APK Mod Game

Q. Can I play traffic rider game offline mode?

Yes, Once you download game then you can play it on offline mode.

Q. How to play traffic rider apk game on mobile?

Gameplay is simple which we discussed already in above section of this article so check out to know complete gameplay in detail.

Q. It is safe to play traffic rider apk in mod version?

Yes its completely safe to play traffic rider game in mod version where you get unlimited money and coins.

Q. How many levels are there in traffic rider game?

Around 40 massive levels in traffic rider game with over 70+ different missions that you have to play.

Q. Is traffic rider a free game?

Yes. traffic rider mod apk game is totally free which you can download using the given below download link and get unlimited money, all bikes unlocked, and other features.

Q. How can I collect points in Traffic Rider Mod APK game?

In order to collect points in the traffic rider mod version game you have to ride your bike faster at top speed and closer to other vehicles.

Q. How to install a new version of Traffic rider mod apk download game?

To install a new version of the traffic rider game first you have to uninstall the previous version than using given below download link you can easily install a new version.

Q. Can I play traffic rider apk game in multiplayer mode?

No, because of traffic rider game is not supported in multiplayer mode so you can not play the game in multiplayer mode.

Q. How many bikes are available in this traffic rider game?

There are more than 20+ bikes available in the traffic rider mod apk game which you can select before starting a new mission.

Q. Is remain online necessary to play traffic rider mod apk game?

No, After download traffic rider mod apk on your mobile, you do not need to remain online to play this world’s best bike racing game.

Q. How traffic rider apk works on mobile?

The game conducts various missions that players have to complete to earn a reward. Traffic rider mod apk works on a mission that players have to complete to get a bike racing experience.

Q. Can I use new version game if its old version previously installed?

No, you can’t use the new version if you already have the old version of this game so first you have to uninstall an old version of the traffic rider mod apk and download traffic rider mod apk in the new version from modapkpures to play it.

Q. How Can I download traffic rider apk on laptop device?

If you want to play a game on a laptop then first you have to download the game with an Android emulator and connect to your laptop. You can follow the mobile game download process to get the game on your laptop devices.

Q. Can I use the horn in Traffic Rider Latest Mod APK?

Download traffic rider unlimited money game where you get option Horn which you can use when you drive a bike on the road and you face difficulty in passing vehicles. Its informs the vehicle rider to leave on your path.

Q. Can I get unlimited money in Traffic Rider?

Yes, In the traffic rider unlimited money game you get limitless money for that you have to download a mod version of the Traffic Rider game.

Q. How can I update game without losing game progress?

Install a new version of traffic rider mod apk game without uninstalling the old version. Open the game from where you left it without losing your game progress.

Q. Why traffic rider not available on Google Play Store?

Traffic Rider game is available in a mod version and Play Store restricted mod version game so it’s not available on Google Play. But if you want then you can download it for free using the given download link.

Conclusion of Traffic Rider Mod APK

Traffic rider apk mod game is one of the best racing games which you can play on your smartphone. You will get different game modes as well as outstanding features that make the game more exciting. Play traffic rider mod apk game without any restrictions and safely. All details related to this game we discuss in the above part so you can check it to know more about the traffic rider game.

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